Earth Energy International accepts the global climate change science displayed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and has been at the vanguard of sustainable natural resources exploration and development for many years. In 2015 China ratified the IPCC ‘COP21’ commitment to lowering carbon emissions and to pursuing global temperature rise caps this century of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. As the world’s largest carbon emitter the Chinese subscription to IPCC’s ‘COP21’ is an encouraging force for good and further evidence of their impressive appreciation for the need to fortify measures in industry. Earth Energy International are uniquely positioned to assist local operators in upgrading plants, systems, structures and processes to meet and exceed sustainable obligations and targets in order to achieve European environmental standards protocols.

One of the Chinese Central Committee’s top priorities is to advance social and economic equality throughout the middle kingdom. As a proponent of higher relative minimum wages, or so-called "living wages", in all projects we are partnered in we believe our business can serve as a force for social good, fostering social peace and cohesion. With higher wages comes better education, housing and healthcare; all cornerstones of a peaceful and thriving society. We are committed to the values of engagement and transparency and are very interested in professional and constructive dialogue with the local community and its leaders in all regions in which we participate.

Asia Pac is a vast and highly populated region with huge commodity requirements and an expansive and varied geology of mountains, rivers, deserts, jungles and forests. This necessitates a thorough repertoire of modern utilization, processing and reclamation techniques combined with collaboration between multiple companies and civil offices. These geographical solutions are tried and tested the world over. Some challenges are more bespoke; the relative state of China’s water resources makes protecting sustainable water management structures, aquifers and ground-water contingency arrangements critical. So too is the responsible decommissioning, remediation and repurposing of project sites post-development. Our awareness of these needs and dedication to cutting-edge solutions serve to reinforce Earth Energy Internationals value as a chosen joint venture partner, for both operating partners and stakeholders alike.