We attribute our continued growth and success to our employees, both direct and indirect, who we ensure provide extensive technical, commercial and engaging expertise. We believe in nurturing our selectively chosen talent and develop individuals with the integrity and professional skills required to work within our team and as an ambassador of Earth Energy International on joint venture sites in the diverse working environments this brings. Our unwavering belief in eliminating fatalities and injuries on site, through a multi-faceted framework, alongside our omnipresent ethos to promote environmental and societal well-being is key to providing workforce heath and security. We seek to employ workers from as close to the location of our assets as is possible and institute local "living wages" for our joint venture project’s employees, improving the quality of life for all under our remit.

In order to meet legislative conditions and demonstrate our priorities and values we employ a multi-faceted approach to safety. From Earth Energy Internationals core values, code of conduct, research, implementation, assessment and ongoing independent team review, our workers ascribe an environment of security and nourishment. It is an adequate reward on it's own that all project staff appreciate our standardized framework of checks, balances and verification systems are in place to assure their health and well-being, throughout the processes and lifecycle of a project. However a fitter, healthier workforce also has increased productivity and less probability of error.

Utilizing the latest applicable industry protocols and software we seek to mitigate occupational hazards and risk; formulate meticulous and efficient emergency response management programs; and reduce energy, waste and water consumption while improving air quality, working conditions and social and ethical contributions for the workers, partners, governments and communities we work with. As modern technological instruments, advances, procedures and requirements update, we continue to implement and evolve to further our primary safety mission objective. Consistent appraisal of all geographic, plant, employee, process and structure integrity by trained risk management officers, with explicit guidelines for assessment and reporting, allow for an integrated culture of safety consciousness and effective controls.

Parallel to comprehensive safeguarding of workers physical safety are transparent and defined methods for the reporting of labor complaints and issues affecting psychological well-being. We automatically prohibit partnership with any firm knowingly engaging underage workers or those who may tolerate discrimination on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, political persuasion, caste, nationality or any other opinion, status or situation. We embrace diversity within our workforce.