Our renewable and sustainability achievements are important, so is profitability.

Earth Energy International has its success rooted firmly in China however our strategic intelligence unit monitors regional and international social, economic and political situations ensuring our executives are never unprepared. Our board has extensive diplomatic and geopolitical experience, both in Asia Pac and abroad, and can boast voluminous hard data and knowledge on all facets of our operations in all areas in which we have businesses, personnel or are assessing investment.

The most lucrative energy and resource projects are just as likely in politically challenging areas as they are in technically or physically challenging locations, requiring a deft and balanced approach. Often the difference between securing a project partnership or not is determined by having nuanced and accurate insight. Whether this is in the industry in focus, the local power structure, the international market dynamics or modern technological processes our proficiency and track record allow us to secure our favored projects and partners.

Of all our outstanding characteristics the most sought after quality is stakeholders bottom line performance; ROI. While there are numerous companies focused only on solving environmental challenges we focus equally on margins and profitability. For example our CCS investment and Solar park partnerships are both highly profitable and specifically spearheading realignment towards sustainable energy development through classic and modern sources, improving living conditions for people today and the next generation’s prospects for tomorrow.

We constantly seek to further enhance our high-efficiency low-cost position by maximizing production at the lowest cost facilities and relentlessly focus on improving the cost position of all our assets. Our coarse tailings recovery project is one initiative we have been working to improve in our operating expenditure. Our project holdings have access to long established, high-quality permitted reserves, which we believe is an increasingly valuable position. Our current portfolio and production allows for extraction and production into 2040 and fully anticipate significant resource potential beyond that.