"The price of greatness is responsibility"

For developing regions like Asia Pac, in the midst of a 3rd industrial revolution, this means a trusteeship to balance economic growth, prosperity and progress with environmental and sustainable initiatives for the future.

Over the past three decades the Chinese have particularly embraced Capitalism. Even as Western society has lurched to the political extremities in recent years, towards more isolated and insular policies, China has remained committed to the principles of globalization and free open-market policy. This progressive and inclusive commitment is not limited to economic pursuits. China ratified the Paris Climate Agreement ‘COP21’ and has made unprecedented investment in alternative and renewable energy fields and sustainable green initiatives in the mining arena, to safeguard emissions as the country continues flourishing. Earth Energy International has a commanding lead in this regard, as a staunch friend of the earth with operational frameworks and structures in place to minimize the limit of environmental impact in the exploration and development projects we manage and are partnered in.

We employ preeminent hard data risk management strategies coupled with defined staff training conventions to ensure we comply with local regulatory and environmental statutes and international best practices. This spirit is part of our firms founding DNA and is accomplished by maintaining management systems of control and reporting that meet the certifiable ISO 14001 standard or equivalent in all operations. This is achieved through clear communication to all employees, suppliers and contractors of the importance of protecting the environment; assisting them to fulfill their sustainable responsibilities. Recognizing that local communities, ecosystems and biodiversity are as much stakeholders in the projects as the operators and associates is central to an effective appreciation for environmental management. We conduct regular reviews, audits and assessments of each activity to not only protect our environmental integrity but assure we have designed, developed and executed the most financially efficient closure, waste management, treatment, recycling and remediation procedures that can be viably applied to each individual project.