We bring to the table unique operations understanding, counsel and advisory support to our projects, partnerships and joint ventures to spur pivotal or transformative improvement in their financial and social performance.

When we agree to invest or work with a project it is our commitment to partnership. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the leaders of the joint ventures we partner with, bringing deep core operations and management experience that enable our assets to meet their goals. We implement feedback loops from ground staff up, incorporating strategic planning, business strategy, governance structure, and financial and social performance management.

Drawn together by the common goals of an Asian natural resources industry with greater efficiency and greater environmental tact, Earth Energy International was initially founded to provide regional management consultancy and professional contracting to local and international exploration and mining companies. As early climate-missionaries preaching the science that sustainability can drive profitability we evolved to become stakeholders in our chosen projects in order to enact change. Building on the founding members’ career postings, experience, networks and knowledge, specifically throughout Asia Pac, Earth Energy International has continued to grow in staff numbers, capital employed, ROI and covered industries and locations.

Today we hold numerous proprietary investments in diversified natural resources assets in Greater China, the Americas and Africa. We foresee a powerful increase in value as the prices of these integral energies rise in-line with demand, alongside the confluence of world super-powers ultimately shifting east to the Asia Pac region throughout the twenty first century.

Focus China

The Middle-Kingdom, as China is frequently referred, is positioned at the helm of a truly awe-inspiring economic and humanitarian evolution. Situated in the middle of numerous economic, trade and transport initiatives; from the AIIB, OBOR, NDB or ADB, to jumbo free-trade agreements like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) co-operation. RCEP alone is comprised of the ten-state Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the East Asian behemoths of China, Japan and Korea, plus India, Australia and New-Zealand. At present this grouping encompasses half the world’s population, over 40% of world trade and over 30% of world GDP, with these figures rising annually. Throughout this century China has risen exponentially in economic and geopolitical might, and our proven recipe of progressive, diligent, competent international project management has attracted a surplus of engaging partnership proposals.

As a result of expanding our structure, team and capital base we’re able to passionately equal the record-breaking scale of the necessary energy and resources projects vital to the Asia Pac region over the coming decades. In collaboration with private and public funding, both domestically and through foreign direct investment, and combining sustainable modern techniques with their infamous work ethic in an informed and receptive manner, the opportunities presented in the Greater China locality are as breathtaking in scale as they are astonishing in innovation and commercial efficiency.

Our aim is to supply capital and expertise to the most profitable, efficient and sustainable natural resources projects in order to create rapid positive impact on millions of lives. We look for joint venture partners whose values are strongly aligned with ours, and whose asset portfolio, performance and governance mean they will grow and endure.


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